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Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe! As a one off we are selling REDUCED Aromatherapy sanitiser spray (75% Alcohol) as there seems to be such a shortage everywhere I saw these at the suppliers and thought it seemed crazy not to get some! 10% of the buying price has already gone to The NHS, and they really do smell lovely - made with essential oils - See them all here.

Our biggest hope is that you love our crystals as much as we do, which is a LOT, this truly is our passion so know that a whole lot of love goes into everything we do here.

Each crystal is hand chosen by me for it's personality and happy clean vibes, so be sure that whatever you buy from here will make an uplifting friend!

On my list of must haves honesty is right at the top - so if you notice any mentions of imperfections on the products it's not because our products have any more than other shops (they don't!) I just want you to only have nice surprises when you unwrap your crystals! I always try to make the photos as clear and honest as possible too...so I hope you appreciate an honest heart  : ) ! 

We have done everything we can to make this an easy, happy shopping experience, but if you have any problems let us know through the “Get in touch” link at the top of the page.



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Thank you for a truly beautiful and substantial Aventurine freeform (advertised as small!). Lovingly wrapped as always. What a lovely site this is! xxx by Kim marshall