Healing properties for Sugilite

sugilite tumble stones
Photograph by Jem

Sugilite is said to encourage peace of mind and instil a general feeling of spiritual love, and well being.

It helps understanding of negative circumstance by clarifying what is happening, and how it is out of balance. It is an excellent tool for mediation as it is said to bring the mind and spirit back into balance and attunement.

Sugilite assists in opening a connection from the physical to the spiritual, it aids in understanding the deeper and spiritual reasons for the lessons we encounter, as well as bringing loving comfort from the Universe to accept the lessons for what they truly offer, seeing the wisdom we have attained.

This lovely stone will help us follow our dreams and become more integrated with our higher selves. It enhances belief in ourselves, and dis-empowers feelings of lack, anger, pain, and other unwanted energies, moving them onto a back burner.

Sugilite is a balancer of the mind, body and spirit. It is also said to protect against, as well as dissipate anger and other negative energies whether from oneself or others.

In physical Healing Sugilite is said to strengthen the heart and aid in physical healing and reducing stress.

Sugilite is so full of energy that it never needs to be charged, but I did read that it is very helpful to discharge it once a month amongst pieces of tumbled haematite.

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