Healing properties for Azurite

azurite cluster
Photograph by Jem

Azurite is thought to be a master in the realms of clearing away tension and confusion, and the mind being bought to awareness of fresh possibilities.

In the Chakra system Azurite is said to resonate at the exact frequency of the Third-Eye Chakra.

This beautiful Crystal is said to encourage the development of psychic and intuitive abilities, and brings natural intuition out, strengthening and expanding it.

Azurite has often been used to help enabling out of body journeys to take place safely, exploring past or alternate lives.  It is a wonderful stone for clearing any blockages within the throat chakra and encouraging clarity in conversation, combining both the heart and throat Chakras it is said to bring wisdom and warmth to interactions.

Products made from Azurite

I LOVE the crystals I have bought from here. They are exactly as described (my most recent order, the stones are bigger than described so, very happy with that lovely surprise) Super fast shipping, and thoughtful finishing touches that make it an even more enjoyable experience to receive! Thank you so much Will definitely be back ❤ by Natalie