• Happy new year and a bit of Astrology for 2018 By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

    It’s a new year Folks! 2018! Where have all the years gone? It sure seemed to come around quickly. A new year. A new start! What better way to start with than January. Mainly because we had no other option but what a wonderful month it was regardless. It may have been dark and dreary and the weather may have been cold although that does depend on where you are in the world of course but just think, the new year brings new things for us all. Nature is pregnant, she’s not quite showing as being heavily pregnant but just look around you.
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  • Astrological Birthstones (and flowers)

    The concept of having a birthstone – a crystal or gemstone associated with the time of your birth – is not a new one, it was referred to in the Old Testament (book of Exodus). There were references found in 1st and 5th Century writings where it was proposed that each stone had special powers associated with its respective astrological sign – and that wearing the stone during the dates of that corresponding sign would have therapeutic or talismanic benefits.
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