Using A Pendulum To Locate Negative Energies….And Then Clear Them!

Negative energy tends to collect where there have been stressful interactions, or even anxious/unhealthy thoughts – a clear home is a happy home!

Alternatively, if you have moved into a new home or office often the energetic residue of the previous tenants will still be hanging around – so have a good clear out!

Firstly you need to cleanse and programme your crystal pendulum, these articles explain how to do both;

Cleaning your crystals

Programming your crystals

Next, you need to confirm which way it swings for yes, and which way it swings for no.

Holding the pendulum by the chain so it hangs downwards ask it a confirmation question such as “is my name ***** (your name)?” and notice if it spins to the left, right or backwards and forwards.

Then ask it which way is yes, and it should swing the same way.

The next question is ”which way is no?” and it will do something different – make sure you remember which is which, and these are your answers!

The way the pendulum swings for No is generally thought to be the same if it is confirming the presence of negative energy.

Carrying the pendulum walk around the area you want to clear slowly and steadily. The pendulum should swing strongly when it encounters an area of negativity.

When your pendulum starts swinging, walk slowly backwards until the pendulum stops swinging, this will help you to pinpoint exactly where the negativity starts and finishes.

So now you have found the negativity clear it out!

Smudge sticks are wonderful, use in all the corners of rooms and the house as well as the specific areas you have found, then open all the doors and windows and really let the house wash itself through with clean energy.

If you do Reiki go around all the rooms and do Reiki symbols on all the doors and windows and in the centre of the rooms.

If you don’t do Reiki, light a white candle and invite whatever it is you believe in (God, Angels, Source, your Grandpa) to fill the rooms with positive, loving energy that is appropriate  and healing for you and all who enter. And remember to say thank you afterwards!

Have Fun!

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Article by Jem on 06 August 2015

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