Spring forwards! By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

Spring is here you guys! If you don’t know it already, where have you been?

It’s amazing, as soon as Spring appears I want to clean everything, including my car!

I want to plant things, prune the herbs I have been growing and rid myself of those niggling feelings and thoughts that are just not doing me any good! Out with the old, the tiring, the things that pull me backwards, in with the positive, the things which drive me forwards in life with a fire in my heart.

So as I had been feeling this way I set to work with some Crystals which I was drawn to. I had to think about what it was which I wanted to get rid of first of course so that the Crystals knew what we were going to be working on.

A good materialistic and spiritual cleanse is always a good one!

I wanted to gain some self love. This isn’t a selfish act, it’s something which you need for yourself, to be kind to yourself, loving and respecting yourself enough to know when you need to take a break from that project which has been dragging you down. You know the one which you have got plenty of time to do but you are pressurising yourself too much!? Or to let your friend know, with respect, that you are emotionally and mentally full at the moment and you need to have a bath with a lovely bath bomb just to treat yourself and glass of wine and then you will give her a call to listen to her because she’s going through a tough time.

Self Love is about taking that well earned break, treating yourself because you deserve it, knowing when to take a step back from everything, not being hard and judgemental on yourself and respecting yourself, it’s about learning to be comfortable in your own skin and accepting yourself for BEing you! Just BE.

Cue – ROSE Quartz!

Rose Quartz has been lovely to work with over the last week or so, it’s funny though because I have 3 tumbled rose Quartz, 1 Generator Rose Quartz and 1 rough rock piece, out of all of them I was drawn to work with the most awkward shaped one, only due to size, the rock piece!

Rose Quartz

Not the most comfortable thing to carry in my jeans pocket but it did come with me regardless. I’ve had a very nice time with Rose Quartz, learning to be more comfortable with myself and healing myself.

I have a terrible cough at the moment which is bringing up very disgusting things, Rose Quartz is really helping with easing the cough and clearing the ‘stuff’ from my lungs.

Rose Quartz

(Disclaimer – always visit your Doctor for issues relating to your lungs, I am healthy with no ailments, this is a common cold which will not affect me in the long run but we are not all the same.)

Enter – Green Calcite!

Green Calcite has been fantastic for me by guiding me to let go of those things which no longer serve me, rumination in particular. It has helped me to release that, I haven’t done anything in particular such as a meditation or anything, I have just been drawn to work with it.

Green CalciteI have carried it with me and over time have felt those things disperse. I continue to stay humble but I do have a level of confidence in myself. I am learning not to second guess myself.

Green Calcite is also great for working with the immune system and clearing bacteria out of your system. Useful really considering that I have this cough at the moment.

I will never stop being blown away by the reasons I am drawn to particular Crystals without actually looking up what their healing attributes are before I work with them.

I literally go with the Crystal flow.

ChrysocollaOther Crystals which are useful for cleansing are;

Chrysocolla – watch those Chakras realign with this stone in the vicinity. Mine literally feel like they jump in line when I work with this stone, that makes for a good energy flow, we all love a good energy flow. It’s also a good one for ridding yourself of negative emotions in particular those heavy burdening emotions.

Garnet – Is like the Grandmother stone to me, it is another stone which aligns the Chakras but I feel it does this thoroughly by cleansing the Chakras first, giving them a good old wash and then re energizing them before putting them all in line. I know that it helps to clear away negative energy but it also gives you the confidence to manage a situation, therefore giving you the confidence in yourself to rid yourself of those things that you see as being of a disservice to you.

Bigger – Stronger – Better!

I’m sure there are more but these are the one’s I have had experience with when it comes to cleansing.

I haven’t spoken about motivation which I think most people would associate with Spring, only because the sun is shining and naturally that makes us all feel pretty motivated, also, I think if we rid ourselves of all of those things which are not doing us any good at all, then we will naturally start to feel motivated. 

It’s great to have a personal space which feels free from dust and negativity, it’s great to also have a fresh feeling in my soul and a clear thought pattern. Something which I am always working towards in life, not just in the Spring time.

Spring time just gives me the boost I need to continue achieving!

                                                                    In love and light


Article by Citrine Sunflower (guest writer) on 17 April 2017

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