Spring Clean Your Life

Spring clean your lifeTo really energise yourself and make the most of this new phase of the year I always recommend a proper spring clean, of your energy, your house…and your intentions! 

Firstly it’s time to address your living space, be that a house, flat, room, or a car, it’s time to let go of any outdated, stale energy you have built up over the winter.

The House Cleanse

This is super easy – clear clear clear!

If you are surrounded by mess – your mind will be messy too, and energy gets stuck and stagnates in your messy corners! So clear the decks!

Remove anything in the house that you don’t have a positive attachment to, every time you look at something that makes you feel negative you generate that energy and the universe will just bring you more of whatever you focus on, so trash it or put it in the attic if you’re not ready to let it go.

Equally as important, surround yourself with pictures and things that make you feel GOOD! Photos of happy holidays or people who make you feel good about yourself – or just people you really admire.

Include colours that energise you and make you happy – even if its just a couple of new cushion covers, the power of colour is a very easy way to uplift yourself.

Use a sage smudge stick go around the house, get into all the corners and hallways, under your bed and around the bathroom, now it’s time to fling open all the windows and doors and hoover in all the corners – let that stagnant energy out.

Cleanse all your crystals and put them on a window ledge or in the garden in the sun to re-charge, they will really help to fill your space with good vibes – and there is nothing they love more than a good clean and recharge – much like ourselves!

Say a prayer – to whoever you believe might be listening, whether that’s a God or an Angel or just the universe itself – light a candle and ask them to fill your house with light and positivity so that everyone who enters, yourself included with feel the benefit.

The YOU Cleanse

Lay an intention "To release all outdated and destructive energy, people and situations - gently and harmlessly for the highest good of all."

Think about the people in your life, be honest with yourself about the ones you know are good for you and the ones that you know are bad. It is not easy to just lose people from your life but you can lay your intention to start the ball rolling in the right direction.

Try starting every morning by saying this “ I am empowered by my choices. I am in control of who I have in my life. I chose loving, empowering relationships and energising uplifting friends”

Use a sage stick to cleanse your energy then have a bath with lots of organic rock salt in it (be sure to put your head under the water) light a few candles and plop a piece of Rose Quartz or citrine into the bath with you – turn yourself into an elixir.

Wear bright colours that make you happy – colours have been proven to significantly change your mood and that of those around you so really think about what you are drawn to today.

It’s all simple stuff, but it really does have the power to change the energy you live in, and thus become!

Happy spring cleaning!

Article by Jem on 03 April 2017

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