Simple Crystal Grid for Protection and Peace in the Home

Crystal Grid for Protection.

A “crystal grid” is where you lay-out a number of stones opposite each other making a grid around a room/house/bed etc.

A “layout” is just the same but put around a person.

The idea is that crystals of the same type connect with each other so create invisible boxes which are filled with the vibration, and properties, of that particular crystal.

Protection and Peace Grid for the Home.

Place pieces of Selenite (for protection, peace and Angelic Guidance), or Black Tourmaline (to repel negativity and protect the space) in every corner and on spare surfaces of a room or the house – I use window sills, coffee tables, mantelpieces etc I would recommend at least 6 pieces to get a result. Also if possible put a piece by the entrance doors, (inside though as Selenite is water soluble and wouldn’t last long in the rain).

Remember to programme your stones before you use them (hold them for a minute then tell them concisely what you want them to do for you, e.g. “I bless you crystals with working only for the light to bright peace and protection to this space for the highest good”…or whatever feels right for you to say.

This is also a brilliant grid if people in the family/house are antagonistic towards each other, I find it creates a lovely peaceful atmosphere, so good in fact that when friends come for dinner I have learnt to take them out of the main rooms as everyone relaxes a bit too much!

Simple but super effective!

Article by Jem on 07 March 2013

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