Invoking Love Ritual

Rose Quartz has long been recognised as the ring leader in the world of crystal Love.

Here is a sweet ritual which can be used for invoking love in friendships, existing relationships  and to draw new relationships to you.

You will need a large-ish piece of Amethyst and four chunks/tumble stones of Rose Quartz and four candles in candleholders.

You can do this exercise on the floor or at a table, but make sure the candles are safe wherever you choose.

Place your first candle to the North, welcoming the spirits of the light from that direction as you light it, place the other candles to the South, East and West  welcoming the spirits of the light from each direction as you light the candles. When this is done ask these spirits to ask as your protective guardians and to keep you safe.

Pick up all your Rose Quartz crystals and hold them in your hands, (if they are too big do them one at a time). Shut your eyes and feel the crystals in your hands, feel them warm up and put your attention inside them (imagine your attention is a spark of white light directed by your thoughts). Feel the energy of the crystals flow through your hands, up your arms and down into your heart. Rose Quartz is said to be a lovely Heart cleanser and healer, allow the energy of them to flow around and through your heart.

Enjoy that sensation for a few minutes then say out loud “I attract love to me, I am a magnet for healthy Love, I now welcome Love into my Heart”, Take the Rose Quartz crystals and put them around the piece of Amethyst whilst saying “I invite healthy love into my Heart and into my Life”.  Sit for a while and focus on the crystals, seeing the beauty in them and watching the warm light from the candles reflect on them.

When you feel you are finished, blow each of the candles out one by one and say ” I am blowing your love and light out into the universe.”

Take the crystals and place them around your bed, under your pillow or around your desk if it’s at work that you need the love…. and hopefully, you will find your life a little warmer, and you will feel a little more loved every day…..

Article by Jem on 28 February 2013

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