Green Thumbs and Crystals By Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower

Its spring time and what better way to start it than having a good old clear out to prepare for the summer!

Just the thought of that should create a wave of excitement and make you feel a little bit giddy inside.

Now is the time to start planting seeds, the ground is warming, we have longer day light hours and what’s more is that research shows a decrease in tension, anxieties and depression when one applies themselves to their garden work. Not only are you re connecting with an aspect of nature but you’re outdoors, breathing in fresh air and now that we’re seeing more sunshine you’re soaking up some yummy vitamin D.
There’s such delight and a sense of accomplishment/achievement that comes from growing your own plants.

After putting so much effort in to preparing pots, adding the soil, sowing the seeds and then nurturing the seeds until you see the little sprouting of green, to then re pot the plants until you finally plant them in your blank canvas garden, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Patience achieved - tick
Focus achieved - tick
Creativity achieved - tick
Commitment achieved - tick
Happiness achieved - tick
Achievement achieved - tick

Coming from a holistic point of view, the Mind, Body and Spirit is being healed by such an activity, especially if you incorporate Crystals in to your outdoorsy activity.
Each Crystal has its own unique energy and each type/family of crystals vibrates at different frequencies. For example Selenite vibrates at 9 Hz, although this is also dependant on the size and shape of the crystal.

Moss agate is a crystal for abundance, new beginnings and growth and is often used by gardeners to help to bring vitality to the plants. It’s also a crystal which enhances a person’s ‘inner gardener’. If you don’t have a green thumb already, you might just find it if you spend some time with Moss agate. It’s brilliant for building a connection between us and nature.

Moonstones are known to emit energies which enhance fertility. They’re brilliant for us Ladies when it comes to experiencing monthly pains, they help to ease cramps but they are also useful in the garden. Some gardeners like to have a few dotted around the greenhouse to increase fertility.

Citrine is also a great stone to use in the garden to bring abundance and transmute negative energy. It brings a balance to the garden and increases vitality. Citrine is also a part of the Quartz family so naturally clear quartz is always handy to have around. Not only does it enhance the energies of other crystals but it is a master healer crystal. It will enhance growth of the plants you are growing and it will encourage good health and strength in the plant.

The Crystals that you place around the garden and in various places of the greenhouse or plant pots will also work with you as you potter around giving you an extra health boost.

The 3 gardening crystals mentioned above will be fine if you wanted to leave them outdoors as they are not water soluble so don’t worry about them getting rained on or watered when you water the plants. You may find that Citrine will fade slightly in the sun but it will still do the job.

If you’re curious, give it a go. You have nothing to lose except stress!

In love and light

Article by Citrine Sunflower on 27 April 2018

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