Crystal Hints For A Healthy Sex Drive And The Menopause

When we think about crystals and their uses, our sex drive or the menopause aren’t necessarily the first things that spring to mind! However, crystals are multifunctional and can be used for a plethora of needs. Whatever the condition there is invariably a crystal to meet them!

The trick is to know how to use the crystals and which ones to use. Heres a simple list of crystals you could use to enhance or promote sex drive and help with the menopause and some of the symptoms that go hand in hand with that.

Tigers Eye
A wonderful stone, superb for bringing empowerment and positivity. Red Tigers Eye is also very beneficial for promoting passion and a more active sex life. While blue Tigers Eye is said to ease sexual frustration and balance an overactive sex drive. Depending on the need, a lovely stone for the bedroom that can be beneficial on both ends of the scale!

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A powerful stone that is known to enhance sexual relationships. Garnet promotes balance, passion, love, devotion and commitment. If the onset of the menopause has brought with it a flagging libido, Garnet can bring a welcome boost through the energy of the sacral chakra.

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Orange Calcite
While Orange Calcite is best known for joy and creativity, it is also a lovely stone to enhance sexual energy. Orange Calcite can aid in balancing the hormones and as such, it is very beneficial if used by those experiencing PMT and menopausal symptoms.

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This powerful stone has a range of uses including emotional balance, bringing calm and healing. Rainbow Moonstone is also beneficial in bringing balance to male and female energies and is said to help males to tap into their feminine side if needed. It is also highly useful in balancing hormones and easing symptoms related to menopause and pre-menstrual symptoms.

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Rose Quartz
One of the best stones known for love, Rose Quartz can be used to enhance any relationship and even promote greater self-love, so a great stone to use alongside the more passionate ones. This is a lovely stone to encourage romance or even to give your existing relationship a boost. During the menopause Rose Quartz can be helpful with finding a peace with changes that are happening to your body and skin and encouraging general self acceptance.

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Fire Opal
Opal has long been known for its connection with love and passion. Fire Opal is especially good for stimulating the sexual organs and bringing about desire, eroticism and releasing inhibitions. Again, another stone thought to balance hormones and relieve symptoms related to PMS and menopause as well.

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Once you’ve chosen your stones, decide what you want it to help with and program your crystal by telling it what its use is.

If wanting to increase libido, hold your crystal in your hand and saying “I now activate your function to help increase my libido.” It’s as simple as that!

You could wear it on your person for a while to align with the crystals energy or you could place it in the bedroom – under your pillow or someplace close to the bed.

Similarly if wanting to alleviate menopause symptoms, program your crystal and keep it close to you, either wearing a crystal pendant or carrying a tumble stone in your pocket. I’ve even known people to place crystals in their bra, close to the heart chakra.

Do what feels right for you and remember to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis!

Article by Jem on 05 November 2018

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