• Chakras and Yoga

    I hear about Chakras quite regularly: “My Chakras are out of line”, “My Chakras need clearing” and even “I’m going to realign his Chakras if he doesn’t behave!” Often people are unsure of what it is exactly that they’re talking about.
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  • Green Thumbs and Crystals

    Its spring time and what better way to start it than having a good old clear out to prepare for the summer! Just the thought of that should create a wave of excitement and make you feel a little bit giddy inside.
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  • Grounding and re-connecting

    “You have to ground yourself, it’ll help!” That’s what we tend to get told when we’re struggling with anxiety and depression but what does it really mean and how do we achieve it?
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  • Happy new year and a bit of Astrology for 2018

    It’s a new year Folks! 2018! Where have all the years gone? It sure seemed to come around quickly. A new year. A new start! What better way to start with than January. Mainly because we had no other option but what a wonderful month it was regardless. It may have been dark and dreary and the weather may have been cold although that does depend on where you are in the world of course but just think, the new year brings new things for us all. Nature is pregnant, she’s not quite showing as being heavily pregnant but just look around you.
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